Matrine 90% TC

Matrine 90% TC
Product Description

Matrine 90% TC

Function mechanism: 

The product exerts its function mainly by direct contact, subsidiary by stomach poison. Once pests touch it, their nervous systems are paralyzed immediately, then proteins of their bodies will denaturalize, finally they will die of breathlessness. 

Target pests: Bage worm, Cabbage moth, Rottemberg, 
Tea trees Tea caterpillar, tea geometrid
Dark-headed stem borer, Stripped stem borer, Rice leaf roller, Flowers Aphid, Red spider, Red spider, Aphid Grassland Armyworm, 

1. High efficiency, Broad spectrum, Low toxicity, Non residue and Green protectin to environment. 
2. No bad odour and no influences on the quality of farm produces. 
3. Containing abundant trace elements, which can stimulate crops to grow, become stronger, blossom, fructify and increase production. 

Point of attention: 
1. Don't use it together with alkaline products. 
2. Don't spray when it rains or it is too hot outside. It is better to spray after 4: 00 pm. After spraying, if meeting rain, please respray it. 
3. Please avoid polluting fishpond and mulberry. 
4. Keep it in cool and dry places and avoid sunshine and high temperature. 
5. Shelf life: Two years.
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